When to Say Goodbye to Toxic Friendships


When I rolled into my thirties, I found life’s situations a little easier because my mom, being the Pisces she is, has always been an insighter for people. She was always the one who people would call and get insight, advice, or clarity about a situation from. Especially when it comes to interacting with other people. I remember when I was growing up talking to friends or family on the phone or if they just came over to chill, she could always seem to read a person so precisely. And when the day came where I had a friendship-ending altercation with them, I would think “gosh, she’s always right!” Ughhh, that got on my nerves so bad and I think it was more so the fact that I would still be their friend and they would fail me one more time. I now see myself doing this same thing to my son. Lol!

I’ve found that not all quandary in friendships need to end the relationship, but sometimes you have to know what type of relationship you have with that person and where to put them in your life. Truth of the matter is, we’ve all been on both sides of the court. With that being said, you have to give some kind of leeway. Just a little. Basically, you can keep the friendship, just to a lesser degree. I have different types of relationships with each of my friends. When you know what kind of person you’re dealing with and how you should interact with them, it leaves less room for disappointment and that seems to work for me. On the other hand, don’t ignore your gut feeling to cut them off after you’ve evaluated your friendship.

Signs of a toxic friend:

  1. They drain you- you feel mentally and emotionally drained after being or talking with them…ending conversations are never uplifting
  2. They are unsupportive– you’re afraid to tell them about something bad in your life because they always feed on the negative or you’re afraid to tell them about new aspects in your life because they are never positive
  3. They are jealous- listen, you can have people who say they are happy for you, but are secretly wanting your life and are praying and wadding on your downfall..it’s real!
  4. Their values and interests are opposite to yours-if you don’t have the same beliefs on how a friendship should work then you both play by a different set of rules and this will always lead to disappointment in the end because you’ll both be in constant conflict
  5. They are unreliable– always breaking their promises
  6. They only contact you when they need you- you never hear from them when you need them. A friendship is a give and take, it’s not one sided
  7. They have zero ambition (my personal pet peeve)- beware, a lack of ambition can be parasidic! You will not grow being around people that don’t want more in life and don’t take the initiative to seek it
  8. You dread seeing them and are relieved when they leave- a friendship is voluntary, you are not forced to be someone’s friend. If you’re constantly ignoring calls or finding excuses for everything, is it worth it?
  9. They betray your trust- we as women experience some of the same life situations so we invest in our friendships, but if someone betrays that bond, you need to reevaluate it
  10. You have “friendship whiplash”-being a great friend today and a bad friend tomorrow isn’t gonna cut it. This inconsistency causes unpredictability and can make you nervous and depressed in the meantime from someone you’re supposed to be able to rely on

Toxic friendships complicate your life, can be a nuisance, and can waste precious time as you deal with the negativity. No one’s perfect, but we’re all trying to accomplish our goals and one way to do that is to get rid of what no longer serves us. It’s something we tend to dread or delay addressing, but what’s the use of hanging on to something that’s toxic to our lives?

What are some of the issues you’ve faced when dealing with toxic friendships? What are some of your experiences?


Firstly, I’d like to talk about mental health


Nothing in life can be accomplished if you are not mentally healthy..I will say this again, nothing in life can be accomplished if you are not mentally healthy. In today’s society, we are expected to keep up with many crowns. Your mental health is important at every stage in life because it affects how we think, feel, and act. I think this should be addressed first as most women have suffered from some type of mental issue, in particularly depression and anxiety. Listen ladies, everyone suffers from some type of mental issue so there’s never a need to be embarrassed. Many celebrities suffer from mental illness as well such as Demi Lovato, Angelina Jolie, Lena Dunham, and Jessica Alba. Personally, I think we all have a little screw loose when dealing with certain situations I myself have suffered from depression and i will admit, it does take a toll on you if you don’t get the help you need. It can arise from a major event such as losing a job to genetics. It’s important to know the signs and symptoms. Some symptoms include:

  • persistent sadness or feelings of hopelessness
  • abuse of alcohol and/or drugs
  • appetite or weight changes
  • irritability (you may suffer from this daily if you have kids..lol)
  • social withdraw
  • excessive worry
  • decreased energy or fatigue
  • extremely high or low moods
  • changes in sleeping habits
  • thoughts of suicide

Mental health problems can be treated. Talking to someone that you know won’t judge you such as a close relative does help, but a family doctor, nurse, or counselor builds trust and leads to better results, quality, safety, and satisfaction. If and when you do get the treatment you need and it includes popping a couple of PRESCRIBED pills to keep you from going bonkers and that’s ok! lol!

I’m Felicia!


I’m a 33 year old single mother who wants to share life my experiences and words of advice to help you get through whatever it is you may be facing. Whatever it is that you are going through, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, we now live in a rapidly changing society and we have no choice but to adapt, but we don’t have to accept it entirely. Today’s society contentiously forces us to wear many crowns and to be faced with life’s many situations. No, I’m not a professional writer, editor, or life coach, but I have experienced life’s successes and adversities and would love to share my insights with you!